Fix microwave own hands

Suppose, you there microwave. Served it to you so to speak faithfully pretty long. Here suddenly it fails. what to do in current situation? Just, about this you learn from this article.
You may seem, that repair microwave - it trifling it. But this in fact not so. Some people strongly err, underestimating complexity this actions.
Likely my advice may seem unusual, but for a start there meaning ask himself: does it make sense repair a microwave oven? may more rational will buy new? Inclined considered, sense though ask, how is a new microwave. For it necessary talk with seller corresponding shop or just make desired inquiry your favorites finder, let us say, rambler.
First has meaning search service center by fix microwave. This can be done using any finder, let us say, bing or, portal free classified ads. If price services for fix you will afford - one may think question exhausted. If no - in this case will be forced to repair a microwave oven own hands.
So, if you still decided own hands repair, then primarily has meaning grab info how repair a microwave oven. For these objectives has meaning use every finder, or review archive numbers magazines "Home handyman", "Home workshop" and etc..
I hope this article may help you solve question.